Are ‘Plug and Play’ Apps for Real?

Do you remember when “plug and play” was brand new? Just take an external device, plug it into say, a USB port. The device was instantly recognized by the operating system and the correct driver was loaded. In just a very short time, the device was ready for use. What made and continues to make “plug and play” great is that it reduces the time it takes to set-up and install an external device. And “plug and play” makes it easier for non-technical folks to use their computers — they don’t have to know anything about the underlying technologies.
Fast forward to 2014. Mobile and cloud-based applications make it possible for businesses to implement the applications they need, when they need them. The only problem is, that it’s not always fast, or easy, to get them to recognize and communicate with each other. Sound familiar? Maybe now is the time for “plug and play” apps.
It all sounds good, doesn’t it? And the concept is definitely not just a “pipe dream”. The main foundation of “plug and play” apps is already available — API’s enabled by open source software such as the Linux operating system, the Apache web server and MySQL database; scripting languages such as PHP, Python & JavaScript; and mainstream web communication protocols HTTP and SSL carrying the JSON data interchange format.
What makes this architecture so powerful (and simple)?
It’s based on widely available and inexpensive technologies.
It doesn’t require highly specialized programming skills.
It isn’t created in a “machine language” — the JSON data interchange format can be read and understood by just about anyone — even non-technical folks.
API’s based on HTTP, SSL and JSON aren’t just cheap and easy to understand, they’re highly scalable too. They’re designed to handle tens of thousands of requests simultaneously. More importantly, they’re designed for resilience and high availability. That means that important business transaction data won’t get lost and companies with global operations can interact with customers 24×7.
“Plug and play” apps will enable companies to think about their business applications in totally new ways. Want to monitor and manage a construction project (using 50 different contractors) across the country? Just add a mobile, field service management application to existing ERP and accounting systems. Need to onboard those contractors to ensure they have the right certifications and receive the safety training they need to comply with state and federal regulations? Add an onboarding app. “Plug and play” apps make it all possible.
Bottom line, with “plug and play” apps, companies can intelligently put together the business solutions they need, when they need them, without worrying about the underlying hardware or, as in the case of an existing ERP system, software infrastructure.
I just plugged in a USB drive to save this blog. Maybe tomorrow I’ll add a voice recognition app to our content management system so I won’t have to type anymore…or….
Dr Raymond Cunningham is the Head of Engineering at FieldAwar

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How to configure or change the configuration on a Polycom 550 or 350 VOIP Phones

find out the ip address of the device
ip will be displayed there
open a browser window place the ip address in the address bar
id is Polycom pass is 9418941962 or 456 depending on the existing configuration on the device.
Then once in you can change the network settings according to your PBX requirements. This also applies to Fonality phones since they use Polycom hardware.

error on line 12: can’t record invalid transaction in QuickBooks

Have quick books 2010 and 2011 and getting error 12 cant record invalid transaction during and import into QB.

here is the fix all…and its QB having a brain [removed]….primarely because the error gives no indication on the problem or how to fix it. Kind of taking over from Microsoft left off lol


. The invoice would not import because the account name in the iff file was Accounts Receivable and the chart of accounts in QB has Accounts Receivable (A/R). I added a new account: Accounts Receivable and it imported with no problem.

Verizon, unions ‘far apart’ as Sunday strike looms

Latest news on the pending Verizon Strike/work stoppage.

latest comment I find ridiculously refreshing….

Union people is a like a commodore 64 compared to technology out there today. Adapt, the world is changing. Look at the old union from England, Germany they have changed to adapt to today’s environment. You don’t want to pay anything for medical? Who are you kidding; you know how many hundreds of thousands of people are without coverage or how many like management employees in many companies that work 50-60 hrs. a week no overtime and gladly pay 50% of their coverage. Who cares who and what Ivan gets paid who and how much taxes are paid by whom…that is not the issue being argued here. You all sound like little kids. If Verizon had any balls they would let you all strike and then replace your sorry a#$

how to change your history of the email addresses you use in outlook also known as the .nk2 file.

NK2 file is the file that gets created and appended to every time you write a new email using outlook. It kind of keeps an history of used email addresses so that makes it easier on the user to find and use an address which had been used in the past. Steps below are how to change or edit these entries to this file.

Correcting Outlook’s Nickname File (.NK2)

One problem with Outlook’s auto completion feature is it accepts what you type. There is no confirmation dialog where you can review your entry. In the example above, I misspelled Hotmail. If I’m not careful and accept the suggestion, I will be sending an email to wrong person. This is a frequent problem for people who don’t create contacts, but prefer to use this file their pseudo address book.

To correct Outlook nickname mistakes,

1. Open an Untitled Message Window in Outlook.

2. Type the first few letters so the bad entry appears on the list.

3. Highlight the item you wish to remove from the auto suggest list. You may need to use your directional keys to move up and down the list.

4. Press your Delete key.
Auto complete mistake example

5. Retype the correct entry in the address line and send the email.

When you close Outlook, your bad entry will be removed and your corrected entry will be added.

User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

I have come across this error on W7 32 bit prof versions. These are error on machines that have been in environment for some time, so just started to display the error when logging in. If you a secondary id and pass to logon to the machine, logon with it, (must be a admin rights user id) then open reg edit and change the settings as follow.
This will enable profile loging.

Use Registry Editor to add or to modify the following registry entry:
Subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Entry: UserEnvDebugLevel
Value data: 10002 (Hexadecimal)

Note: UserEnvDebugLevel is given a value of 0x00010002, LOGFILE and VERBOSE are both turned on.

Once completed, logoff the machine, then log back in using the same id and pass which you know will trigger the error again.

The log file is written to the %Systemroot%\Debug\UserMode\Userenv.log file.

open a case with Microsoft, W7 is supported for all users, so once opened you then forward them the logs in order to troubleshoot further.

Best way however, would be to create a new profile id, rename the user folder name that has the issue to .old then log back in if on a AD domain. If you are not on a domain, you will need to recreate the profile.

Change Power Scheme Options in Windows 7 Operating Systems

I had to change this setting using remote registry on networked machines, in the event you need to change this option on W7 with customized settings here are some directions.


To change the preferred power plan, follow these steps:

1.Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then click regedit.exe in the Programs list. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click Continue.
2.Locate and then click the following registry subkey:

1.Right-click PreferredPlan, and then click Modify.
2.In the Value data box, enter one of the following:
◦Type 381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e to use the Balanced plan.
◦Type a1841308-3541-4fab-bc81-f71556f20b4a to use the Power saver plan.
◦Type 8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c to use the High performance plan.
You can also type the power scheme GUID for a custom power plan that you have created. To determine the GUID for all existing power schemes, type Powercfg /List at the command prompt, and then press ENTER.

1.Click OK, and then exit Registry Editor.

Verizon Employees Not Allowed to Get iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 on Verizon is a pretty big deal, especially for Verizon. The carrier has more than likely done everything they can think of to prepare for the masses that will jump onto the network to get the device. But, what you won’t find are Verizon employees with the device in their own hand, ready to show off. We’ve been informed that the iPhone 4 will not be carried by Verizon employees, because the carrier is preventing the phone from being added to employee accounts.

According to an unnamed source, Verizon will not allow employees to carry the iPhone 4 on their employee accounts. Furthermore, Verizon is actually taking the extra step and informing employees that if they do get an iPhone 4 and add it to their employee account, the number will be blacklisted from the account altogether. When asked for more details, the source was unable to provide any more, as they were not told much more.

The employees were also not given a date as to when they would be able to add the flagship device for Verizon’s network to their employee accounts. It seems odd that Verizon wouldn’t want the handset to be in employee’s hands, so that they could talk to customers about it. It would not be hard to imagine that some Verizon employees have never used the device, and having only one or two, maybe three demo models floating around a store wouldn’t seem good enough preparation for a major launch like this.

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How to Add Background Music to Your WordPress Blog

If you want to add background music to your WordPress blog, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. First, access your WordPress dashboard by logging in with your admin username and password. Then, scroll down the left side of the admin menu to find the Plugins section. Click on the Add New link.

In the search box of the Plugins Add New page, type in Audio Playlist Manager with Autoresume, then click on the Search Plugins button. When the results page appears, you will have the option to view the Details of this plugin or click on the Install link. It is always best to read the Details information to ensure that the plugin is compatible with your current version of Worpress. As of 2-1-11, this plugin is compatible up to WordPress version 3.0.4. After reading the Details, click on the Install link.

This plugin will allow you to embed audio into both posts and templates. You can customize the plugin so that the audio resumes automatically for continuous playback across page loads, with only a pause between pages.

After the plugin has been installed, access the Plugins page to make sure that the plugin has been activated. It will appear in the Plugins list as Tierra Audio with Autoresume. Once the plugin is activated, it can further be customized.

In the Tools section of the admin menu, you will see the link for the Tierra Audio Playlist Plugin. Click on the link and create your playlist by following the instructions on the page. After the playlist has been created, you can click on the preview/embed link to find the shortcodes that can be used to place in posts or in your template.

However, the simplest way to activate your playlist is to access is through the Widgets area. Go to the Appearance menu of the admin menu, then click on Widgets. In the Available Widgets section, you should see a widget entitled Tierra Audio Playlist Player. Click on the widget and drag it to your sidebar area. Click on the down arrow to open up the audio player and customize the options you want. Click on the Save button, then visit your site to ensure that the background music is working.

For an example of a site using this plugin, visit Frisco Fury. The volume is set at 50. Keep in mind that not everyone expects to hear music when they access a web page, so you may want to keep the volume at 50 or lower so as not to cause someone to want to leave your site.

iPhone 4 & Verizon: Understanding the Facts

Verizon’s iPhone 4 announcement has captured the collective consciousness of the wireless nation.

That means AT&T is working hard to discourage its customers from switching to the nation’s largest and most reliable 3G network.

What’s its strategy? AT&T will go in areas they think are game-changers for customers.

Verizon will be prepared! Here’s is Verizon’s counter to common objections to switching!

Simultaneous Voice and Data Sessions
Verizon iPhone 4 customers can make a voice call on our network and browse the Internet over a public or home WiFi connection at the same time.

•The real question for customers is what is it “they” want to do because most features are supported on the phone.

•Some functions work simultaneously on our iPhone 4. Have these common examples in your back pocket:

◦If you’re using a navigation application and receive a call, the navigation pauses while you take the call and resumes when you hang up.

◦You can also check contacts and browse for items already on the phone while a call is in progress.

Global Communications
Our iPhone 4 will work in approximately 40 countries that use CDMA technology.

•Get to know the list of countries where Verizon has CDMA roaming, and make sure you have a few common business and vacation travel destinations ready to mention. CDMA roaming is available in over 40 countries – including Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, India and most of the Carribean Islands.

•In countries that use a GSM technology platform, Verizon offer a global program that loans customers a country-compatible device at no additional charge for up to three weeks.
•Customers can check out all the details at

3G Network – Speed & Reliability
Verizon has made a commitment to maintain and support our 3G network for many years to come, and Verizon continues to expand the 3G network even as 4G gets rolled out.

AT&T claims its data network is faster than our 3G CDMA Network.

Verizon Wireless has the nation’s largest and most reliable 3G network, and that means we believe customers will be very happy with both the voice and data service they receive.

•Here’s a great question to pose: “How many Gs do you need?”

•Customers are getting a great smartphone that provides a host of applications that help them manage their lives, stay connected to friends and family and much more.

•And if they truly want and need a real 4G experience, Verizon Wireless offers 4G LTE, with a host of consumer devices coming during the first-half of 2011.

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